The S.B.C.T. annual board meeting was held on August 28.  In addition to other
theatre business, a slate of officers and board members was chosen for the next
theatre season.   The new officers 
and members are:


    President  - Jan Hinnen

    Vice President / Production  -   Sharon Watson

    Second Vice President / House  -   Steve Heath

    Third Vice President / Publicity  - Dave Perry

    Secretary  -   Laura Pfizenmayer

    Treasurer  -  Jessica Breland

First Year Members at large:

    Liz Reed, Debbie Holmes and Dennis Bohac 

Second Year Members at large:

    Jennifer Dawson, Dixie Overby, Rio Barlow, Frank Lehman, Linley King and Julie Wessler

Theatre Board Member Emeritus  -  Joyce James

Immediate Past President  -   Steve Heath

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