Lion King

"Disney’s The Lion King Jr."

Show dates:   August 3 - August 12

Rehearsals will begin earlier than usual because of limited space availability in June.  May and June will be used for learning lines and songs and making costumes.  Rehearsals on stage will begin in July.  Also, there will be a dress rehearsal on Friday, August 3, at 2:30 pm, followed by a supper at the theatre and then the play opens that evening at 7:30 pm.                                   


Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 12, 10:00 am until 4:0m pm and on Sunday, May 13, from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm.  You must make an appointment to audition and you can schedule a time here:   

 Music for the play can be downloaded here:!AsdtcX9FvgPI3whWhFzRfVTcXD4q
If the song you choose requires a duet, the director will sing with you.

Audition sides (possible script pieces for the audition) if you choose to use them, can be found here although you don’t have to use these:!AsdtcX9FvgPI30_DUMRtyjsyBW8k

What the director is looking for in your audition:
Vocal capability.  How well do you project?   (can the audience in the back row hear you?)
What is your vocal range?  ( You don’t need to try to sing a song that is not right for your voice)
Do you appear comfortable on stage?  Can you take on the personality of a character?

About the audition:  
This is how the audition will go.   There will be four of you auditioned at a time.  After some introductions, the director will give you two minutes to do whatever you want.  This is optional; you may sing, you may dance, you may juggle balls, anything.   These two minutes are your time.

Next, you will be asked to sing a song.  The director will have the accompaniment music for “The Lion King  that you may sing a song to.  You do not have to sing a song from this play, but if you sing something else, you will have to bring your own music or sing a cappella.  The purpose of this portion of the audition is to determine the quality of your voice and your vocal range.

Finally, you will be asked to read some lines from the play.  The goal here is to determine how well you can act.  It can be difficult to act reading ‘cold lines’, so you will be allowed to act lines that you are familiar with.  However, the director will also want to know how well you can take direction.  In other words, be able to change what you are doing at the director’s request.  Therefore, you will have to read/act some lines for which you are not prepared.

Understand that the goal is to determine your skills and strengths, so that you can be matched with the character that is best for you.  The director is not trying to embarrass or stress anyone.  He knows the characters in the play and he needs to get to know you.

Click here to see a rehearsal schedule 

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Director:      Jan Hinnen   

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