Radio  Theatre  Festival  2019

February 22 & 23 @ 7:30 pm.  February 24 (Sunday) @ 2:30 pm

 Directed by:    Robert Gardner

RTF 2019

The theatre has a new offering in our Special Events Programs!  The Radio Theatre
Festival is a return to the Golden Age of radio, a time when the good guys were
good, the bad guys were bad, and the jokes HAD to be genuinely funny.  Let us
take you back to yesteryear with different performances all three shows.  Our
actors will perform these shows live, just as they were performed back in the day.  
You’ll cheer when frontier justice prevails.  You’ll ride the edge of your seat as
the intrigue builds.  You’ll laugh at a couple who can’t go a single night without
a fight.  Tickets are only $10 per show.  The Radio Theatre Festival may never be
this big a bargain again, so get your tickets early.   

Friday, February 22 

 Act One     ~    The Bickersons:  The Honeymoon’s Over
The Lone Ranger:  Episode #1
Act Two      ~       The Maltese Falcon

Saturday, February 23   

Act One     ~       The Bickersons:  The Tax Refund
The Lone Ranger:  Bad Man’s Revenge
Act Two      ~       Casablanca

Sunday, February 24

Act One     ~      The Bickersons:   John’s Operation
 The Lone Ranger:    Footlights on the Frontier
Act Two     ~     Key  Largo


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