Annual production by the
University of Alabama’s SummerTide Theatre group.

*** NOTICE  -  due to the COVID-19 virus, 
this production has been canceled ***

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It’s October 1945, and the gospel‑singing Sanders Family is back
together  again.  The war is over, and America’s years of prosperity
are just beginning.  But there’s another kind of rite of passage at
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, where Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe
is giving his last service.  He’s been called to preach in Texas, and
he’s already bought a ten‑gallon hat and is preparing to ride
into the sunset with his wife, June, who is eight months pregnant.
Tomorrow morning, young Dennis Sanders takes over as
Mount Pleasant’s pastor.  Join the Sanders Family as they send Mervin
and June off in style, with hilarious and touching stories and twenty‑five
 toe‑tapping Bluegrass Gospel favorites.

“Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming" is presented by 

special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC

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