Couples Troubles
 A Tale of Two Spectators   &   The Diaries of Adam and Eve

March 12, 13, 19 & 20 @ 7:30 pm.  March 14 & 21 (Sunday) at 2:30 pm

Director:   Chase Morrisette & Jennifer Dawson

In order to ensure social distancing, all tickets must be purchased in sets of two.

couple trouble

A Tale of Two Spectators

In a park a man and a woman secretly watch their respective spouses carry on
an affair.  
As time goes on we realize they've been meeting like this to watch their
spouses for quite some time and have even developed something of a bond with
each other despite their predicament.  Perhaps they have discovered a little
 more about themselves and their lives as well.

                                                                              Written by:  Peter Manos


The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Mark twain gives your audience front row seats to the first battle of the sexes.
 Adam doesn't get a chance to name any of the new wonders of creation because
Eve always beat him to it.  When asked why she names a bird a dodo, her is always
because it looks like a dodo.   Eve feels that she, too, is an important experiment
 she must chronicle her observations.   Among these observations are the discovery

of fire, the fact that water runs uphill at night and that not only can she talk to animals
but some, such as the snake, can talk back.   Accepting the apple, Eve and Adam
get a new look at life.  The audience will get an enchanting new look at them.

Dramatized by Marc Bucci, from Mark Twain’s story

Both plays presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Co.

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